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Work, Me and My Menopause

I have always thrived on being a busy person, always making time for everything and everyone.

I became a single 24/7 parent in 2009, juggling two small children, their lives , my work and with little local support in a village we had only just relocated to, but as all single parents know, you just get on with it and make it all work. That’s what I did.

I spent many years ensuring I never missed a play, sports game, work deadline or social event. I had the single mum super power!

More recently, I have enjoyed the blessing of a wonderful partner and step father for my children as well as their own maturing and being more independent, along with a time when my own work was shifting and I finally could give my work the time I wanted.

BUT suddenly, I felt in adequate, I felt exhausted, I felt nervous in the mornings for what felt was no reason, I couldn’t remember various things and my brain went to mush… all these things happened over a time, not one swift moment, so was hard to totally acknowledge it all at once. But this led to my own inner critic speaking loudly and my googling wonder if I was starting early onslaught of dementia!

It was HARD!

Then I discovered MENOPAUSE…….. and suddenly ticked off all these symptoms….. and realised potentially I was not going mad!.... BOOM!

So after a battle for HRT and still an ongoing battle to find what really works for my body, I am now starting to see a little clearer, a little less forgetful, and a little less frustrated.

I am now armed with constant lists, post its and digital reminders, but still some days are harder than others…. things get forgotten… but I at least know why…… and its not dementia.

Peri Menopause and Menopause have become a new movement and not a moment too soon… but frankly not soon enough, these need to be familiar and accepted words in the work place, with adjustments to be allowed for this period of time.

I feel I should be at the peak of my work life, embracing all I have worked for, but find myself suffering the extreme exhaustion the lack of lustre for life I once had and instead like I have aged 20 years over night.... but I know I am not alone.

51% of the population will experience this.

I continue to seek the right balance for my menopause, and know this journey is far from over…. But I will continue to talk about it and make it the norm for discussion and hope we set new diameters for my daughters generation and ensure we all keep a sense of humour at all times!;)


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