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Last week saw another birthday come 🧁… and go!

Another step closer to half a century! 😉 🎈🎈

Was a real treat to take some slower paced time out with family and friends….

As a freelancer it’s not always easy to give yourself time ‘off’ but as I have got older, (maybe not wiser 😂) I’ve realised how important it is to take time out and create a healthy balance .. and to fully embrace and enjoy it and not have in the back of your mind work related worries.

Today is mental health day, and this is a reminder the ‘time off’ is just as important as the ‘time on’, finding a balance is important to your well being. ..Take it!

I see too many freelancers, self employed businesses work when they should not be ... not being in the moment and missing life as it passes by... take the moment with your child, watch the play, turn off the phone on holiday, set the out of office and take. the time off!!!

We are constantly reminded time is precious, or time is money or how time is your friend and how time is your enemy..... but bottom line it is YOUR time, so strike a balance or create a plan, but take the time off and be in that moment .. you will always come back refreshed and happier for it.

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