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Let’s talk about brand refreshes for 2023

Let’s talk about brand refreshes for 2023.

A great time for your marketing strategies and visual identities to be refreshed. A lot of businesses may change their colour scheme or format and some even redesign their entire look.Here are some reasons why you should update your brand this year.

Brand refreshes help to keep your brand on trend

As the years progress, trends change. It’s important to ensure that your branding is keeping up with those trends.It’s important to monitor what trends are popular in your industry and whether it’s necessary to update your brand accordingly.

Refreshing your brand can help you to attract new audiences

If you’re looking to attract a wider demographic, or want to expand your business, it can help to refresh your brand. Before making any changes, think about who your ideal audience is and what they like visually.

Refreshing your brand can improve your positioning

If your brand overlaps into several markets, or if it resembles the image of an alternative brand, refreshing your brand will help you improve your positioning. Positioning can influence the audience you target, along with your exposure levels and how you’re viewed. By rethinking your brand guidelines, you can position yourself to reflect your brand’s quality, values, and offerings.

Adapt your brand message

Refreshing your brand message can help realignment. For example, imagine you’ve taken an alternative route of promoting sustainability within your business. To promote this change, you might need to adapt your visual identity and make that change clear across all of your marketing materials.

So lets talk cost effective brand and design

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