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Co-Working Benefits us all

Working remotely has many benefits: flexible hours, no commute, and autonomy and control over how you work, to name just a few.

But as any remote worker will tell you, there are also considerable challenges….isolation and loneliness are among the biggest complaints. Working remotely means missing out on the human interaction and social aspects that being in an office provides.

Coworking spaces show that shared, member-based workspaces and Jelly’s where remote corporate workers, startup employees, freelancers, and others “work alone together” can substantially reduce the isolation and loneliness associated with remote work.

Reasons for coworking vary from

  • meeting other members for social reasons,

  • expaning their social networks

  • less lonely

  • happier since discovering coworking

  • expanding their professional networks

  • turning to other coworking members for help or guidance

  • coworking networking was an important source of work and business referrals

Some research has shown a variety of other work-related benefits associated with coworking reporting that working in a coworking space improved their work engagement and motivation. Most also reported being able to concentrate better due to fewer distractions compared to working from home .

But despite focusing on the work aspects of coworking, some research found that it was the social ties of coworking that proved most valuable to members. When asked to list three words that best describe coworking, three of the top five words mentioned by coworking members — community, fun, and social — relate to social aspects.

As a society, a growing number of people are facing the isolation and loneliness associated with remote work — and they’re working alone longer. The number of independent workers (freelancers, independent consultants, etc.) is also increasing, with most of these people working remotely.

For businesses, allowing and paying for employees to work out of coworking spaces offers many benefits. In addition to reducing remote work loneliness, coworking spaces provide excellent business and technology infrastructure, strong networking opportunities, and exposure to innovative companies, products, and services. Businesses will also benefit from having happier, more engaged, and more productive workers.

Independent workers should also consider coworking. They often benefit even more than company employees from the social aspects of coworking and find that the professional networking opportunities help to generate new business.

The coworking industry has been growing at a rapid pace for the past five years

“coworking is not a workspace industry; it’s a happiness industry”.

Simply put, by creating community and reducing isolation and loneliness, coworking benefits both organizations and workers due to greater levels of work engagement, productivity, and worker happiness.

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