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Canva v Designer Debate

Canva.... the Graphic Designer v Canva debate...

Why would anyone need to hire a professional designer if they can do it themselves for free?

I know many Graphic Designers that sigh at the mere mention of the word...

I feel this pain, as a Graphic Designer with 25 years experience, a Graphic Design BAHons Degree, trained in Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and pays for the software, it can be frustrating to see Canva designs everywhere and feel it with my bottom line.

BUT as someone who has always helped small start ups and small businesses grow, I also get it.. for years I have tried to help small businesses, freelancers , start ups look at cost effective solutions for their businesses and I hate to say it... but Canva can help and have its place.

BUT I will add... Canva done well works.. Canva with no idea for your brand or design and done 'not so well' ...has the opposite effect and de values your brand completely.

Find a balance.. if you want to use Canva, use the professional version at least and ensure you get some training OR work with a Graphic Designer and get them to design you templates you can use. It it still cost effective long term.

I now offer this to clients, creating them a selection of Canva templates that ensure their designs look professional, clearly within brand and not home made!;) or 'same' as someone else's standard Canva design.

Of course, I still prefer to create completed stunning graphics ready for clients to use, that way I know the type will be well considered and correctly lined up, the design correct and my eye won't twitch when looking at it ;)

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